Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Real Class Act!


BabyLondon and I had a miniphotoshoot a few days ago, and I thought you might want to see the ubercute results!
I tried to get an artistic angle most of the time ( I guess I was in one of "those" moods)
She was making the funniest faces and looked so adorable in the hat--
Enjoy and comment!

Here LLL is sporting a classic polo style dress with matching bloomers. The detailed print consists of cartoonie flowers in a rainbow array of colors. Tres chic!

In this picture I told BabyLondon to channel her inner Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. What talent!!

Right here I told her to "Say BIRD! Say BIRD!" and she said "Bear"?

She's now channeling the lion from the Wizard of Oz. Sceerdy cat!

This reminds me of a frog, and she wasn't even channeling one!!

I call this masterpiece-- Scrunchie Baby Toes

This one-- Baby Toes Take Flight

This is proof of her rebellious nature. I told her "Don't look at me, look at the camera!" And she lSTILL looked at me!

In the end I got her to obey and turn her weetie noggin. She knows who's boss. (On a side note-- Have you EVER seen a cuter face? Didn't think so.)

This little nugget is irrelevant but I posted it anyways for your viewing pleasure. Devin put a tacky straw hat on my head and gave me a bandana mask while I was feeding LLL, so i couldn't get away. You may all feel free to blackmail me.

(The words got weird and i know some of the codes are showing, but i don't care enough to figure out how to fix it-- so unprofessional, i know!)

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

PNG Indian!

A couple of weeks ago Port Neches and Nederland were scheduled to play against each other in football, little did I know, it was Mid-county Madness! I've never heard of it before but apparently it's kind of a big deal....

(____) Leslie bought Little Lady London an outfit for the pep rally--

She EVEN had London's name put on that back!! How cute it that?!

And THIS is LLLs room! (technically it's her corner of our room, but she doesn't know the difference!)

I love living here! =)

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

London's Video Debut

For those of you who are intrigued by BabyLondon and just cant get enough. (or haven't even seen her in the first place!)

I love my little sweet potato!


London loves playing air guitar.

She's very thoughtful.

I loooove this face!

Look how tiny she is in her carseat!

My precious sleeping baby holding her imaginary maracas!

Those polka dots make her cross-eyed!


Peaceful with her little bear.

Wearing daddy's cap backwards. =)

Me and London hanging out.

She loves cuddling with her papabear.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hello Big World!

Alright folks, I'm finally on the bandwagon.
Hopefully I'll be able to keep it updated while I'm at home with sweet baby!
SOOO here's an update:
London, Devin and I have been staying at Devin's dad's house in Port Neches since I got out of the hospital because I wasn't allowed to walk up the stairs to our apartment. Devin's dad Jon (Papa Jon) his wife Leslie and step-sisters Heather (19) and Holly (17) have been so helpful with baby London, especially. When they get home from work and school in the evenings they all fight over who gets to hold her. They're so good they even change diapers!
Well about a week ago they asked us if we'd like to stay with them. Then we'd be able to save money and they'd be able to rent out our apartment (they're real estate brokers or agents or whatever it's called, and we were renting from them). Plus they would be heartbroken if we took London away from them.
We thought about it for quite a while. (Actually, Devin just said it was my decision because he didn't want to choose for me and then I might not be happy.) At first I thought, "thanks but no thanks!" I don't like the idea of giving up my freedom and control and being under someone else's roof is exactly what that meant. I like being able to eat oreos for breakfast, not clean my room for a week, and my favorite thing-- drinking cool refreshing milk straight from the jug. And little things worried me. I know how I am, and when I get home from a long day of work or school I really don't want to come home to someone reclining and watching a movie, so maybe they'd think that about me, then I'D feel guilty and it wouldn't stop there. I'd worry that they were judging my mothering skills if London got a diaper rash or had a bruise on her arm. (That happened and I had no idea how a 2weeks old could have gotten a bruise-- turned out it she'd just given her arm a hickey. =) ) Maybe they'd think I was lazy if I left London in her pajamas all day or stayed in my pajamas myself.
But on the plus side, we'd be able to spend money paying off some debts and being able to LIVE, when before we couldn't really break even after bills. (But we always had what we needed and we able to pay for necessities. i love that.) Before we had so much financial stress we were going craaaaaazy. Also, free babysitting 24/7! (Jon and Leslie even payed for us to go to dinner while they kept London at home, talk about great in-laws)! And the biggest positive on the list- It would be great to be able to mimick our little family after theirs. They're always getting along and spending time together, plus Jon cooks every night and they're all responsible!
After talking with MadreMadreMiCompadre, making a pros and cons list, and sending up some prayers, I decided to say YES. I need to get over the petty POSSIBLE problems and look at the REAL positives.
Here are some more materialistic positives: We have a bedroom with queen-sized bed and they're switching theway oversized 65 inch tv for a flat screen to hang on the wall so we'll have room for London's crib. It's all very luxurious. =)
The greatest part about moving is: I don't have to help!!! Dev and his dad (and I'm not sure who else) are taking care of most of it on Saturday, and Devin's going over there today and probably tomorrow to get things prepped.

It seems like the entire family is excited for us to stay and it feels really good to feel welcomed and not a burden.